Technology-driven Staffing

for a Modern Workforce

Bringing companies, clients, and employees together

AXIS is an online software solution created by staffing professionals who understand the needs of the staffing industry. It’s designed to save you time by streamlining the daily processes that are critical to your staffing enterprise.

AXIS brings all your staffing functions and tasks onto one, easy-to-use platform.

Packed with Features

For Agencies

By automating rate confirmation, placement/start notifications, work orders, time cards and invoicing, just to name a few, AXIS is packed with features that empower staffing agencies to get a handle on all their daily functions, so nothing slips through the cracks. Staffing agencies run better with AXIS.

For Clients

AXIS allows staffing company clients the ability to manage placement requests and time cards. Your Clients can now see who will be arriving at their job, their rates, and the status of all open and pending work orders. Axis keeps clients in the know, providing peace of mind and efficiency.

For Employees

Employees receive a reviewable time card via email, allowing them to check the accuracy of their time card prior to pay day. They are also sent all the line out and job information from AXIS, ensuring they have every detail just right so that they can show up on time, prepared, and ready for the job.

Saving Time & Energy

  • "It’s keeping me more organized. I can categorize by trade, client, and specific city. I can refer back and check quickly on open orders. It provides convenience for clients because they know what to expect, and it saves me time because I always have a quick way to reference what employees are placed where."

    Tom S. Recruiter
  • "Before Axis, I used to have to call all our employees and check on the hours. But now, employees get their time card sent to them directly so they can check it for accuracy. It’s made our Fridays a lot less crazy!"

    Laura B. Administrator
  • "Axis shaves off a day’s worth of work trying to track down time and submit time cards and invoices manually. It sends an automatic aging report to clients every week, preventing frustration on the client and employee side."

    Katrina H. Finance
  • "Axis allows me to quickly see an overview of job openings, send out rate confirmations to clients, monitor all invoices open and still unpaid, and to monitor my staff and our business as a whole, really quickly."

    Eric G. Agency Owner