Axis is a software solution designed to save you time and streamline the critical processes of your staffing enterprise.

Find out what makes our company and our software so unique, and discover why it’s the best technology option for your staffing agency.

Our Story

The founders of AXIS Software own and operate a successful staffing company. Tired of chasing down time cards, double (and triple) checking everything, manual invoicing, and inconsistent client practices; they knew there had to be a better way.

They started out by standardizing some of their internal practices with spreadsheets and workflows that made sense and could be universally accepted by all their clients as well as other staffing companies. But still, something was missing. They needed a software solution that could bring it all together, in one place, that was easy to use and understand.

Finally, our founders reached out to a local software development team and began planning for what would become AXIS Software. After successfully utilizing their new software solution – and after receiving great feedback from their now-happier clients – they decided to share this technology solution with the staffing world.

What started out as one staffing company’s solution, is now available to help you do staffing better. We’d be happy to meet with you and tell you more about how AXIS is revolutionizing the staffing industry.

Our Mission

Staffing is more than just placing people in needed positions. It’s a noble pursuit that provides employees with opportunity and clients with a much-needed workforce. It’s those same people that build and maintain the world we live in. It’s not a stretch to say that staffing makes the world go round.

It’s that tightly held conviction to the staffing industry that drives us to always be innovating, improving, and introducing new features to AXIS. As long as there is a staffing technology need, we’ll be working to meet it. That’s why we work with our customers to build custom integrations that pair the power of AXIS with other technology solutions they might be using.

Being firmly rooted in the staffing business, we know customer service matters. We’re deeply committed to responsive communication and stellar customer support. And we provide our customers with tools to support their people.

Our commitment extends beyond our customers. We want to support your clients, employees and the industry as a whole. With your help, we can improve the way that staffing is done. Will you join us?