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AXIS has the features you need to manage all aspects of your staffing firm. It keeps you organized, informed, and efficient. Now you, and your clients, will know everything that’s happening and where everyone is.

  • Time Tracking
  • Auto Notifications
  • Create Jobs
  • Client Data
  • Employee Information
  • Auto Invoicing
  • Multiple Work Orders
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Bulk Actions
  • Contacts
  • Email Reports
  • Time Card Distribution
  • Placement Notifications
  • Payroll Export (coming soon)

Track Time Effortlessly

No more shuffling duplicate-copy paper time sheets, hoping they’re accurate while you waste time double-checking to be sure. With AXIS you can easily see a list of all your time cards, their status, and the stages of the time sheet. You’ll receive notifications when they are ready, submitted, and approved; allowing you to track their progress all the way through the process, ensuring clients and employees can see the accuracy and status.

Resolve timesheet issues by removing the error and keep everyone in the loop.

Get a Handle on Your Jobs

Our jobs features allows you to track your upcoming, current, past, and cancelled jobs. You can search them by name, by client, location, or status. You can see what jobs are opened, closed, or inactive as well all the open work orders for each and every job. And with powerful sorting, search, and filter capabilities, you’ll stay on top of it all.

Have a real clear picture of who’s working on what.

Order Your Work in Real Time

Have you ever wanted an immediate, real-time snapshot of how many open positions you have for each client and each job? With AXIS, you can. Filter work orders by trade, start date, or location. Fill jobs that urgently need replacements and get an at-a-glance view of individual work order information.

See all open positions and fill the gaps.

Manage all employees in one place

You’ve got the info on your employees. But, can you access it quickly? Do you know who’s currently working, where, and for how long? Do your clients know who to expect to show up for work, when, and what their skills are? With AXIS, you’ll have a complete list of employees, placements, and details allowing you and your clients to see what’s happening.

Know where your employees are and keep them working. 

Keep Your Clients Happy

Get a live view of all your active and inactive clients. See how many jobs you have with each client, how many people are working, and how many users are in their company. Control client portal user permissions to adjust what they can and can’t have access to. Then, search, sort and filter to see exactly what you want, when you want.

Know who your clients are and what they need.

Automate Invoicing with Ease

Remove the hassle of manually creating invoices and wondering about their payment status. Automatically create invoices from approved time sheets; individually or in batches. You can create and send a single invoice to a client or all invoices for a client. Batch multiple invoices with just a few clicks. AXIS also sends clients automatic aging reports.

Easily create, track, and monitor all invoices and their status.

Export Payroll in the blink of an eye

Tired of tallying hours and rates and manually submitting the information for payroll? Let AXIS streamline your payroll process by easily exporting directly to your payroll provider. AXIS will take approved timesheets, calculate pay rates, and send them on in the custom format your payroll provider requires, removing hours of manual work and double-checking.

Process your entire payroll in just minutes!

Take Control of your Placements

Have you ever wondered if one of your employees is going to the right job, with the right pay rate, and the right skill level? Now you can quickly double-check all your placement and dispatch details – including approval status – for all past, current, and future jobs. Manage who is scheduled to start work this week and see it all in the sorted, filtered or searched view selected.

You’ll never have to guess who is working where and when. 

Monitor all your business activity at once

Do you need a clean and vibrant dashboard with powerful filter features? Snag a glance at all your hours and sales for this week, last week, this month, this quarter, and this year. Or, filter hours by date range or search by client to hone in on the exact data you’re looking for.

Always be in the know and optimize your performance.

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Tweak it Until it’s Right

To make sure AXIS supports and improves the way you already do business, the settings section gives you the ability to define company-specific information such as bill rate multiplier, trades or occupations, positions, skill levels, invoice information, and more. You can also create and manage AXIS users and permissions, controlling who has access to what.

Take control and customize AXIS to fit your specific staffing needs. 


Custom Development

And if all the features of AXIS aren’t enough, or if you need some custom integration with existing systems, we’re happy to develop custom implementation to create just the right fit for your staffing agency. Contact our development team to discuss custom options.

It may sound too good to be true, but AXIS really does shave days off your work week while improving your client experience and removing the headaches and hassles of the staffing industry.

Ready to give it a shot?